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Re: [tlug] Browser/Font Question: kana in Big5

"Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:

> Jim Breen writes:
>  > There are no kana in Big5.
> Are you sure?  Maybe I was thinking of GB, because I know that my
> Chinese students often use some Chinese charset in their email
> (written in Japanese).

It seems that it depends on which Big5 implementation one is using. 
Search for kana on

   The original Big-5 only include CJK logograms from 常用國字標準字體表 
   (4808字) and 次常用國字標準字體表 (6343字), but not letters from 
   people's names, place names, dialects, chemistry, biology, 
   Japanese kana. 


   In ETEN(倚天) Chinese operating system, the following code points 
   are added to make it compliant with IBM5550 code page:
   C6A1-C875: ... Japanese hiragana, Japanese katakana, ...

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