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Re: [tlug] Browser/Font Question

Jim Breen writes:

 > Chinese. There are no kana in Big5.

Are you sure?  Maybe I was thinking of GB, because I know that my
Chinese students often use some Chinese charset in their email
(written in Japanese).

 > BTW, now that I have deleted those ttf-wqy* fonts, several of my regular
 > WWW pages have changed quite radically. The biggest change was the
 > Kenkyusha online dictionary, which I use a lot. It went back to a rather
 > clear gothic font which (for me) vanished two distros ago. Interesting.

Aren't you glad that, KDE, and GNOME decided that you (FVO "you"
that include over 7 billion humans) are an IT idiot who can't handle
things like font selection for yourself? :-(

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