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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 11.10 日本語入力 How?

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011, at 10:54, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
> Not working...  It looks like the best bet is to trash the
> installation and and find something that actually has (breathtaking
> innovation) Japanese input capability without various repairs needed
> to get it going.  Since Ubuntu appears to be locked into a devolution
> death spiral, any suggestions for a less mutated and heavily damaged
> version of Linux to try?

I realize this isn't for everyone, but I've been much happier since I
switched from packaged binary distros to Gentoo about 5 years ago.
Gentoo draws the line between what I want to know as a savvy user and
what I don't want to have to know about what's going on under the hood
of my machine at a place that's just right for me (personally).

You have to do more things "by hand", but with responsibility comes
power (you can quote me on that :-) I kinda even get off on
administering my machine now... and it often presents an attractive
nuisance distraction when I have real work that needs to get done. But I
get a lot of satisfaction out of tweaking it and bending it to my needs.
I never would have tried to compile my kernel before, because it seemed
too daunting, but with Gentoo you have to do it, learn that it's not
that hard, and appreciate the increased understanding of things you get
by doing it. And I get off on thinking that I'm making my machine more
secure by removing all kinds of crap from my kernel that would be turned
on by default (whether this is actually true or not :-)

So.... one of the outcomes of this for me is not really worrying any
more about whether Japanese input works or not, because I know
enough about how the parts are arranged to dig under the hood and
fix them myself.

Athough those with good memories may note that I asked for help on this
very topic on this list not that long ago, the point is not that one
never needs help, but it's a "help me help myself" kinda help, and that
one is ultimately in control, rather than helpless at the hands of
distro creators.



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