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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 11.10 日本語入力 How?

On 12/11/2011 07:08 PM, David J Iannucci wrote:
On Mon, Dec 12, 2011, at 10:54, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
...  Since Ubuntu appears to be locked into a devolution > death spiral, any suggestions for a less mutated and heavily damaged > version of Linux to try?
I tried unity with Ubuntu 11.10 for about a month with unity thinking maybe I could get used to it.  Finally I stumbled on a thread for getting the gnome legacy stuff working from gnome 3.  Essentially all you had to do was add the gnome 3 libraries and reboot, then select the legacy stuff at login like before. 

The ibus 日本語入力 worked fine with both Unity and Gnome.

Long term I don't know where ubuntu is going but this gnome setup close enough to gnome 2 that I'm happy for now.  Hopefully ubuntu will realize how many of us dislike unity and give us what we want.  I saw that Ubuntu 12.04 is out but am reluctant to touch it.

Steve S.

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