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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 11.10 日本語入力 How?

On 12/12/2011 10:54 AM, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
Not working...  It looks like the best bet is to trash the
installation and and find something that actually has (breathtaking
innovation) Japanese input capability without various repairs needed
to get it going.  Since Ubuntu appears to be locked into a devolution
death spiral, any suggestions for a less mutated and heavily damaged
version of Linux to try?

That's odd. The posted instructions worked for me and I was going to add a "thank you" when I had a moment free. Inputting the first two instructions in your post from the command line restored the Ibus icon and, since my selections in ibus-settings were the way I wanted them, I left those panels alone. A reboot was all it took to get me where I wanted to be.


As a matter of fact, it works better now than it did in 11.04, when I thought I liked it a lot, and there is only one icon instead of the previous two.

One note: I had Ibus installed previously using Synaptic but the command line instruction added a couple of previously missing files. I could input Japanese but the switching between languages was hit-and-miss ... and now it isn't.

As for other OS choices: A couple of Kubuntu users I know are trying out Debian 4 + KDE and say that once you've eliminated the increased asshole factor of the proponents and melted all of the "ice" by installing proper versions, you have an OS with a look and feel similar to Kubuntu but without some of the oddities.

However, I'd heard that the Ibus operating problem is caused by KDE and not Ubuntu ... and I can't tell you whether Debian fixes that.


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