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[tlug] Alt+013 (was Re: french input)

On Tue, 25 Oct 2011 17:19:02 +0200, Francois Cartegnie <> wrote:

> I remember that you could trigger any key on DOS with
> "Alt Gr" + base 10 keycode on 3 digits.
> (ex: AltGr+013 on keypad to replace a broken "Enter" key)

I remember that. I forget if it mattered which Alt key one used 
on US keyboards. 

Teletype folks remember (and still use) <Ctrl>[ for the <Esc> 
key, but the Alt number technique is more powerful. 

> Isn't there any similar combination with linux ?
> Or maybe it was only an AT keyboard feature ?

That capability was implemented in the operating system (DOS), 
not in the keyboards. By the way, AT keyboards and PS/2 keyboards 
are electrically compatible. You just need a connector adapter to 
use AT keyboards on computers with PS/2 keyboard connector or 
vice versa. 

The Alt number technique could be extended to allow input of 
arbitrary Unicode characters by their codes. 

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