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Re: [tlug] How to proceed with RAID drive failure

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 09:50:35 +0200
Josh Glover <> wrote:

> > [I]t's possible that just plugging in
> > the drive in the same place would cause it to be considered part of
> > the array and reintegrated unless the BIOS was reset.  Be careful!
> That is terrifying!

That's actually what happens if you have a "real server [tm]"
(like a HP DL or IBM x series). There, all disks in the server
are managed by the RAID system. There is no way to access a disk
directly. This means that if you partitioned and formated a disk
outside and wanted to take the data over, you'd lose it all. But
as you cannot access the data anyways, you would not try it at all ;-)

These systems have the big advantage that you get a red light which
tells you which disk to change (no takinging-out-the-wrong-disk-of-the-
and just placing a new disk triggers a sync and gets system back to normal.
Thus you can use a janitor to walk around in big data centers, looking
for red lights and switching disks as needed. No other interaction needed.

			Attila Kinali

The trouble with you, Shev, is you don't say anything until you've saved
up a whole truckload of damned heavy brick arguments and then you dump
them all out and never look at the bleeding body mangled beneath the heap
		-- Tirin, The Dispossessed, U. Le Guin

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