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Re: [tlug] How to proceed with RAID drive failure

Stephen, Attila,

Thanks for responding.

First, try changing the boot disk order in the BIOS. 

Hey, nice! That worked! My machine booted up! Thanks for that, Stephen.

Man, I'm so glad I asked here first before messing around.

I don't feel I'm out of the woods yet, though.

I think this means that one of my drives is dead. So, my questions are:

If I open up the computer to pull out the dead drive, how can I tell which of the physical units is the bad one?

Can I just get a drive of similar specs, put that in, and have it be integrated into the RAID? I imagine this will involve some kind of formatting and set up of the new disk, but can it be done in such a way that I essentially keep the data from the good drive and have the new drive mirror it?

Thanks for any advice!

Dave M G

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