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Re: [tlug] Keypresses stop appearing in terminal window

Hi Darren,

On 28/01/11 18:36, Darren Cook wrote:
... one guess is that you're
hitting CTRL+S.  Hit CTRL+Q to get it back. ...
Apparently you cannot stop this behaviour, but what you can do [1] is
stop the application receiving the ctrl-q keypress by assigning it
globally. You do that with System|Preferences|Keyboard Shortcuts. I
assigned it to "Launch Calculator" as that would not disturb anything.

Then (and this is the funny bit) one day in a terminal I hit ctrl-s to
freeze some log output streaming past. When I hit ctrl-q to start it
again the calculator popped up instead.

Hmmmmm, I have to admit that I don't have a story that even compares to this. However, one annoying thing is "htop" which (IMHO) is better than "top". However, the hotkeys listed along the bottom are all Function keys -- i.e., F1 for Help. If you're running it from a dumb terminal, you're ok; but if you're running it within GDM then hitting F1 will bring up the Gnome help. Awfully silly of them to not show the non-function help keys along the bottom...

BTW, it seems there is a way to get around your problem by remapping keys just for Firefox and not globally. I came across this extension to remap hotkeys:

however, I am not entirely sure if it's an official extension as I cannot seem to find it on the Firefox use with caution.


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