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Re: [tlug] Keypresses stop appearing in terminal window

>> As the subject says, at some point (*) in an ssh session what I'm
>> typing does not appear on screen. The commands I type still work.
>> ...

> $ stty sane

Cool, that works! Thanks!

> ... one guess is that you're
> hitting CTRL+S.  Hit CTRL+Q to get it back. ...

That gives me chance to tell my funny ctrl-q story (you'll see why I'm
the life of the party only if the only other guest is Dilbert :-)

In Gnome, I got annoyed with ctrl-q closing an application, all windows.
Really horrible if you have multiple firefox windows, some of them with
internet radio, some with applications, etc. and you accidentally hit it
instead of ctrl-w (to close one tab).

Apparently you cannot stop this behaviour, but what you can do [1] is
stop the application receiving the ctrl-q keypress by assigning it
globally. You do that with System|Preferences|Keyboard Shortcuts. I
assigned it to "Launch Calculator" as that would not disturb anything.

Then (and this is the funny bit) one day in a terminal I hit ctrl-s to
freeze some log output streaming past. When I hit ctrl-q to start it
again the calculator popped up instead.



Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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