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Re: [tlug] Accessing a program running on a different computer

Hi Dave,

On 29/01/11 13:01, Dave M G wrote:
Can you start a program running on one computer, and then look at it's
interface via another computer?
This is something I want to be able to do with multiple programs, but
I'll use Amarok as an example since it's clear.

As I don't use Amarok, I'm honestly not that familiar with the problem you've described. But one question to you and others who have replied to your question...

Suppose you're on Machine A and you are accessing Machine B remotely. You start Process X running on Machine B. If X is a GUI-based program (for example firefox), I don't believe there is a way to see it from Machine A. By this, I mean without killing X and starting a new process via "ssh -X" from Machine A.

Is this what you mean by "seeing another computer's interface"? If so, I guess you are referring to something like Windows Remote Assist (which I've never used).

Sometimes I have firefox running on a computer and then I want to access the computer remotely and see what text is written there and I can't. Of course, I can cheat because firefox (actually, iceweasel) has crash recovery so I just kill it and when I start it up again with "ssh -X", my tabs are restored... Would be nice to know how to see the screen remotely without having to kill the program...


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