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Re: [tlug] ibus-anthy in RHEL6

Scott... funny you should have brought up ibus again (as you're the one
I heard about it from, on this list) just as I was trying it seriously
for the first time. I've been playing around now, and it seems to work
well (at least as well as scim), except that it doesn't appear to work
with Skype.

I believe the Skype client is a QT app?  None of my KDE apps are
accepting any input from it, either. With scim, at least they give me
question marks or something. With ibus - zilch.  My wife is using scim
with Skype quite successfully, although occasionally scim needs to be
restarted *after* the Skype process has started up, so I gave her a
little shell script in the main menu (not very unlike the one I just
wrote a few moments ago :-) to do that for her.

I've tried setting QT_IM_MODULE to both "xim" and "ibus", but neither
one works.  Setting it to xim, however, causes my Konsole (3.5.10)
process to crash - even if that process is not related in any way to the
ibus process. Fun.

Any ideas about how to get ibus (I'm converting with Anthy, of course)
to work with Skype? Although I can't express a strong preference for it
yet from a functional standpoint, I do prefer to use software that's
actively and recently developed.... scim looks pretty dead.


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