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Re: [tlug] ibus-anthy in RHEL6

> Any ideas about how to get ibus (I'm converting with Anthy, of course)
> to work with Skype? ...

Just another data point, skype with ibus works on Ubuntu 10.04, gnome
desktop. IBus 1.2.0. (all of Japanese, Chinese and Arabic worked)

I've pasted in my IME-related setup notes below (these were intended for
a blog entry on "how I configured 10.04", that then got too big, and
I've not had time to come back and sort it out).



Apparently 'ibus' is installed by default.

Then go to language, and choose IBUS as the IME.
Then go to system|preferences|ibus, and it will offer to start the daemon.

It says to add these to ~/.bashrc:
  export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
  export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

Then in IBUS preferences, input methods tab, find Japanese->Anthy in the
dropdown, then choose add. (by default just English is in there)


Go to System|Preferences, IBUS
First add "ctrl" to the zenkaku selection. (Otherwise I keep knocking it
Then Input Method tab, and "select an input method". Find Chinese -
pinyin. Then click Add. Note: this is just for pinyin (e.g. type "a1" to
get "ā")
Repeat and choose Chinese - py. This one seems nice, as you can write
"ni" then space, then "hao" then space. I.e. it works a bit like a
Japanese IME. And no need to know the tones.

Then again, arabic and there is only one choice: Arabic - kbd.

This seems to use one letter for each symbol, rather than a romaji
system. E.g. typing "muTawwir" gives this:
(which is not what I expected!)

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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