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[tlug] usb ethernet adapter

Hello TLUG,

I am looking for a recommendation for a USB ethernet dongle that plays
well with Linux.
Specifically this will be going into a macmini 2.1 running debian stable.

Unrelated (?): If you ever decide to setup a macmini 2.1 running linux
two useful things you should know are:
1) make sure to set the bootable flag on the partition that holds the
kernel (the 'a' command in fdisk).
2) after you install, reboot the box using the osx cd, run terminal
from the menu and run the bless command as such: 'bless --device
/dev/disk0s1 --setBoot --legacy' updating the disk0s1 for whatever you
setup. it will still work without this, but you'll have to wait
through 15 to 30 sections of the blinking question mark folder icon
before EFI will decide it's ok to call grub.


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