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Re: [tlug] Empty databases after moving MySQL data files [SOLVED] + new question

Dave M G writes:

 > Okay, so basically, backing up the files directly from the MySQL data
 > directory is a last resort kind of thing, and the better option is to
 > take a MySQL dump frequently.

NB: SQL dumps compress better than Nerf balls.  There's really no
point except time offline to non-dump backups.

 > ARPANET was specifically designed to survive a nuclear attack, wasn't it?

Speaking of "routing around damage", did anybody else puke when they
saw the (front-page, no less) article in the Nikkei explaining how
Fujitsu (IIRC) is pushing a routing "solution" where their servers
will explain alternative routes across the Tokyo Internet[sic] in case
some backbone connection goes down?  Some people just don't get it,
even after almost 50 years....

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