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Re: [tlug] Empty databases after moving MySQL data files

Darren, Romeo, Lewske, Nick,

Thanks to everyone for responding.

I solved one of the problems at least. To get control of turning MySQL
on and off, I had to go to the MySQL command line and run this:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED
BY '<password>' WITH GRANT OPTION;

... where <password> is equal to the password listed in the file

So now I can stop and start MySQL.

Unfortunately, I still do not have the data showing up as it should.

I think ___ is right that it's a permissions issue. I tried to set the
permissions to be readable and writable by everyone, but that hasn't cut it.

I wanted to add the 'mysql' user to the 'dave' group, but there isn't a
'mysql' user.

There is a 'mysql' group, so I added the 'dave' user to that group, but
that didn't help.

Is there supposed to be a 'mysql' user that I can add to the 'dave' group?

Dave M G

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