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Re: [tlug] Replacing the WM in Gnome 2.24

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 01:46:13PM +0900, Curt Sampson wrote:
> On 2009-02-20 23:25 -0500 (Fri), Scott Robbins wrote:
> What, precisely, did you have to do to chose fluxbox? Was there something
> on the GDM screen you could select? Or did it happen after login?
> With Ubuntu, there's a menu on the GDM screen that lets you select your
> preferred session manager/window manager.

Ok, I think this is what you might have missed.  As I said, it's
relatively easy to overlook, and when it first came out, there were
people asking both on the forums and the testing list.  (I think some of
us just expect Fedora to do things wrong, so, when we saw it wasn't in
the accustomed placed, we jumped to the conclusion.)

See Wayne's post and see if you have that option he mentions. (He's far
more familiar with GDM than I am, and I already put that laptop running
F10 back in the other room.)  :)

> > If I understand this now, when you click options or whatever it's
> > called, and go to sessions, fvwm isn't available.
> I can't find any options menu on the login screen.

Ok, I think that's what was overlooked.  So, in theory at least  :),
there should be something down at the bottom, in the middle, IIRC, where
you can pick fvwm.

Ubuntu's is a little easier to see, I think.

(I can't compare the two, because Ubuntu is something I throw on for my
wife to use, or to look at, as some of my users have it.  I accept all
defaults and it pretty much works.  Fedora, on the other hand, is my
main working distribution, so I customize it quite a bit more.  Every so
often, when I use all defaults, it actually, to my surprise, works
reasonably well.  

I think that most of the desktop oriented distributions, however, are
getting more and more tied into their DE's, to the point where each
version makes it a bit harder to customize.  

Scott Robbins
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