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Re: [tlug] Installing Multiple Language Modules in GCompris

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
CL writes:

> ... which I did and which caused the program to operate in English. > But, French is not showing up in the language pull-down menus.

It's not clear what your problem is.

Besides a very unhappy child, I'm not either.

The program is supposed to provide a learning environment for small children. It can be configured with sound and, where different, image files, for different languages. I have installed the French language sound and auxiliary files but French is not an option that shows up an any of the menus. Only Default and EN appear.

Several questions (not necessarily related to each other).  Is this
program supposed to operate in multiple languages simultaneously, or
just to be able to switch among them?

Switch among them. It is configurable for multiple profiles and is "also" intended for multiple student classroom environments using group profiles of individual student profile data. The profiles run consecutively, not simultaneously.

Are other languages showing up in the menu?

No, but the intention was only set up and run English and French profiles. Again only Default and EN appear.

Do you have LANG=fr_FR.UTF8 (or similar) in your environment?

from the locales folder:



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