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[tlug] Installing Multiple Language Modules in GCompris

Does anyone have any experience in installing multiple languages and profiles in GCompris? I have seen that others in Europe have done so successfully in Kubuntu, but I am not sure whether my own specific combination of desktop language might be messing something else up.

I am trying out GCompris on my Kubuntu work machine (AMD 64 version) prior to installing it on the Dell desktop P4 machine I am setting up for my daughter (liberating my own PC from multiple users in the process). Although I have installed the French language modules from the Kubuntu repository, they are not registered in GCompris.

When I first installed, I had no sound. Googling that problem led to instructions to also install:

gstreamer0.10-esd (0.10.7-3ubuntu0.1)
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good (0.10.7-3ubuntu0.1)
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-dbg (0.10.7-3ubuntu0.1)
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-doc (0.10.7-3ubuntu0.1)
libcdio7 (0.78.2+dfsg1-2ubuntu1)
libshout3 (2.2.2-2)

... which I did and which caused the program to operate in English. But, French is not showing up in the language pull-down menus. The author of the instructions to add the above files said that he was able to use multiple languages but I have not had the same luck.

If anyone can give me some idea of what I have forgotten to do or what I have done wrong, I'd appreciate the pointers.

As an aside, I do not speak French. My daughter does. My Kubuntu machine uses English as the desktop language, but also has the other languages I speak and read -- German, Japanese (which also has UIM/Anthy input supported), Traditional and Simplified Chinese -- installed. I doubt that this would have any effect on the French language problem, but I have been wrong before ...

Thanks in advance for any instructions, directions, or suggestions.

(Also posted to Kubuntu Forums, but I lost the link to the page that told me to install the above packages in the ensuing confusion.)


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