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Re: [tlug] Hard Drive Failure (Was: Help! Total hardware failure)

2008/9/18 Curt Sampson <>:
> Which is why, at this point, I don't use RAID to protect my data; I only
> use it on systems which I would like to keep running in the event of a
> hard drive failure. I protect my data with careful backups.

I think the areas for consideration are:
 1. reliability - will your medium lose data
 2. availability - will your data be unusable for ages (for instance,
when you need to buy a new disk and recover a backup)
 3. stupidity - will you be the author of your own doom with careless
use of 'rm'

RAID helps with 1 and 2.  Backups help with 1.  A decent backup
schedule helps with 3 (and is also susceptible to 3, if it's not
completely automatic - 'oops, I forgot to run backups for the last

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