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Re: [tlug] OT: Beer Festival

Edward Middleton wrote:

Everyone involved publishes a FOAF file linking members together and including links to their pub/izakaya/tachinomi information in rdf. A crawler would be setup on the TLUG server to update members FOAF data and update their pub/izakaya/tachinomi information. The merged RDF information could be queried from the TLUG site, or alternatively people could download it for local querying. If people want to join they just need a FOAF reference from someone already involved.

I just realized I didn't include the why (i.e. what you could do with this information)? You could use this information to

* find all pubs[1] in general area.
* find the nijikai location.
* find the closest pub selling X beer.
* find all pubs rated by X
* find pubs open at a specific time.
* find the next closest pubs to the station.
* plot all pubs in a given location[2].

and all based on information by people you know.


1. replace pub with pub/izakaya/tachinomi

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