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Re: [tlug] OT: Beer Festival

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 09:11:47AM +0900, BABA Yoshihiko wrote:
>> SL Baur wrote:
>>> On 9/6/08, Wayne <> wrote:
>>>> Seeing how I got away with posting OT about beer once I'll try  
>>>> again :)

> Sure. Beer requires a server. Server is one of the topics in this group.

Ok, THAT was a good line.  I laughed loudly enough to scare the cat. 

> Yeah, I am very much interested.  Do you mean just British/Irish style  
> pubs? Do some nice izakaya/tachinomi count? Within TLUG website?

I think Wayne is afraid of being thought a spammer--he runs some sort of
beer thing somewhere in Japan.  (As you can see, I don't really know the
details, though I assume it's in or near Tokyo.)   :)

Wayne, I think that it's general interest enough (snicker) so that you
can mention where it is (and what it is--is it a bar?)

Vaguely yours,

Scott Robbins
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( 1B48 077D 66F6 9DB0 FDC2 A409 FA54 EB34 67D6 )
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EB3467D6

Giles: Might I have a word? 
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