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[tlug] Where might I send my article?


Around the time that Ken Cotton asked me to attend a panel discussion on switching to Linux, he and I had coffee together and discussed various issues about open source software adoption and Windows market dominance.

I was inspired after the conversation to write out an article about the impact that cracked, or "pirated", software has on open source adoption.

It's a little long, at about 10 pages. But, I've had some reliable people proof read and comment on it, so I think it's still tight and to the point despite its length.

I know that these days probably most people who had written an article like this would just start a blog or something and upload it there. But for a variety of reasons, I was interested to see if there were any existing online zines or places that I could submit it.

I tried ZDNet and The Register, but I guess they don't really take in submissions from anywhere. I never got anything other than automated responses out of trying to contact them.

So I'm looking for suggestions on any place that might be open to accepting content on topics related to market conditions for software.

Can anyone here recommend any place?

Thanks for any advice.

Dave M G

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