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Re: [tlug] Where might I send my article?

On 09/07/07, Dave Gutteridge <> wrote:

Around the time that Ken Cotton asked me to attend a panel discussion on
switching to Linux, he and I had coffee together and discussed various
issues about open source software adoption and Windows market dominance.

I was inspired after the conversation to write out an article about the
impact that cracked, or "pirated", software has on open source adoption.
I know that these days probably most people who had written an article like
this would just start a blog or something and upload it there. But for a
variety of reasons, I was interested to see if there were any existing
online zines or places that I could submit it.

How about Why don't you send us a link to the article so we can leaf through it, and barring any major objections from the list, we can post it on Hikari.

Of course, if you are planning to submit this to Slashdot or
something, you may want to simply create a Blogger account, as I don't
think we want Hikari slashdotted.

Once we get the TLUG website re-designed and mainly static, however,
maybe a little more publicity would be a good thing, though we'd have
to come to a very clear understanding with Primustel about how much
bandwidth they are willing to have us use.


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