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Re: [tlug] An instructional target of opportunity?

Jonathan Q writes:

 > To recap a major point of recent discussion on
 > suggestions, making a suggestion == volunteering to do it.

I don't agree, a good idea is a good idea even if the proposer doesn't
have time or skill to implement, and even if others vehemently
disagree.  But if there are no other volunteers, it's "put up or shut

 > If you think a video like that would be useful,

Not enough that I'd volunteer. ;-)

 > get an expert to work with you, whether at a meeting or not, make
 > the video, and make it available somewhere for people to check out.

I think that something that would make it a lot more useful would be a
keystroke log and output capture.  It would be a lot of work to
generate, but a replay of what's on the screen, including the pauses
and typos, accompanied by the audio track, would capture 99% of the
available "wisdom".  Of course there are a few gestures, pointing at
the screen, and maybe hardware adjustments, that would be vastly
clearer in the video.  Those could be spliced in, or the video given a
corner of the screen, as appropriate.

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