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Re: [tlug] An instructional target of opportunity?

On 4/26/2007, "Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

>I think that something that would make it a lot more useful would be a
>keystroke log and output capture.  It would be a lot of work to

Oh, I think so too, but I didn't suggest it because he was talking about
a video of recovering a system that was fairly broken, something beyond
his own ability to fix, so those things may or may not be available.

Since it would be good for him to make such a blow-by-blow account, and
as you say, takes away most of the need for a video camera, perhaps
anyone who has done any of that sort of session logging would like to
post their favorite tools for doing this? Both X-based (if the system
isn't too hosed) and CLI in case it's really seriously broken.

Fast forward to editing and production of the video: once a vict^H^H^H^
expert has been found and raw footage shot, it might be worthwhile to
produce both a version suitable for downloading and watching on a
computer, as well as a DVD image suitable for burning. If someone only
has one computer and it's borked, or two but the video is on the borked
one, having it burned to a DVD could come in handy.


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