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Re: [tlug] An instructional target of opportunity?

On 4/25/2007, "Shannon Jacobs" <> wrote:

>modes. These results would probably be meaningful to an expert, though
>they mean very little to me. If the expert could explain how he
>interprets what he's seeing, it might give other people insight into
>his thinking and insight into how Linux works. Hopefully, an
>interesting and instructional video could result.

This idea may have merit, since advanced troubleshooting skills are
usually only gained through doing a lot of advanced troubleshooting.

At a minimum, you would need;

- A willing expert
- A quiet enough place at the meeting to shoot usable video
- The ability (or time to get the ability) to edit the raw footage and
make a finished video out of it
- Transcribing and summarizing where appropriate would be helpful

>Unfortunately, my observations of this mailing list to date have
>caused me feel like this is not necessarily the best venue to offer
>suggestions, but...

Offering suggestions is fine. People will like some of them, people will
not like some of them. To recap a major point of recent discussion on
suggestions, making a suggestion == volunteering to do it. One of the
biggest issues with a lot of suggestions (here and elsewhere) is that so
many of them are really suggestions for "you" to do something that I
think will benefit "me" - hich is why in my description of the
requirements to do this, I say "you would need." I really mean you,
personally. If you want to see it done, do it. The t-shirts are an
excellent example of this.

If you think a video like that would be useful, get an expert to work
with you, whether at a meeting or not, make the video, and make it
available somewhere for people to check out. If they like it, it may
indeed wind up hosted on the TLUG website (bandwidth permitting, of

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