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Re: [tlug] Forcing openoffice to open a .tsv file with calc

>> the .tsv extension). Personally I think doing it with *.txt is a bug:
>> after I've gone to the trouble of opening Calc why would it think I want
>> to use Writer, especially as txt is a valid csv extension (see next
>> paragraph).
> Um... Actually that is a feature. It one of the things my mother
> mentioned she prefers in 'office' to 'Word' is that when you open an
> excel (or Calc) document in Writer, it opens correctly in Calc.

Yes, if I'm in Writer and try to open an xls file then maybe opening in
Calc is reasonable. But if I'm in Calc and try to open a txt file, and
*.txt is know by Open Office to be an extension for "Text CSV" (i.e. a
spreadsheet format) then opening it in Writer is unreasonable. If I
wanted that txt file to be opened in Writer then I should have to use
the File Type dropdown. In other words if a file extension is valid in
both Calc and Writer, and I'm using Calc at the moment it should assume
I want to open it in Calc!

Rant over. Back to work.


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