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Re: [tlug] Forcing openoffice to open a .tsv file with calc

> I would like OpenOffice to open a .tsv with the calc (spreadsheet)
> application. However, even if I start calc and select the "File ->
> Open" option there, OpenOffice opens the file with writer (word
> processor). Is there any way to override this?

I've had the same frustration (using *.txt extension for tab-separated;
but you should consider filing a bug report for it doing the same with
the .tsv extension). Personally I think doing it with *.txt is a bug:
after I've gone to the trouble of opening Calc why would it think I want
to use Writer, especially as txt is a valid csv extension (see next

Anyway, choose File Type on the File|Open dialog, then scroll way, way
down and choose "Text CSV". You'll see the extensions are "csv,txt".
Hopefully it also works with tsv.

The other way is to rename your tsv files to csv, then alter defaults to
use tab instead of comma in the import dialog.


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