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Re: [tlug] Package dependency problems

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Brian Chandler writes:

> I tried all over again, and also tried with Synaptic, but still get the > same error messages:

That's why they call it automatic.   The results are easily
reproducible.  (Of course, you konly notice when the result you're
reproducing is undesirable....)

> This seems to mean that the printer driver(s) need a later version of > the C library than the one "to be installed". But I don't understand why
> a later one couldn't be "to be installed". Is this an upgrade decision I > have to make myself.

Yes.  It would seem that somewhere some messages are crossed.

(1) Are you installing from the network, or from CD?  You want to
install from the network.

Well, the problem is that I am blindly following instructions posted by Dave M G for installing a Canon printer in Ubuntu (actually Xubuntu, "Dappy", 6.06): here's the relevant excerpt...

4. The instructions after this point were originally from the following web site, and modified here for my particular case:

[add following repository]
deb ./


8.Use the following install command:

sudo apt-get install libcnbj-2.5 bjfilter-2.5 pstocanonbj

The above Kyoto page does say something about "Edgy Eft" - perhaps that means that these particular drivers don't work with 6.06 (which I chose because it is supposed to be "long term stable" or somesuch). I have no feel at all for the relative pain involved in moving to the newer version.

I do have an alternative or two: I also have an HP deskjet printer, currently connected to my decrepid win98 box. How much easier (really!?) might it be to install this, considering HP get quite good marks at (It's not without hassle, because I would have to get the Canon printer working with the win98 box so we can carry on printing invoices...)

Grateful for more hints...

Brian Chandler

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