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Re: [tlug] Firewall versus NFS

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 16:01:00 +0900
Dave M G <> wrote:

> I think that Patrick might be right about the changing ports. I watched 
> the events log in the Firestarter interface as Stephen suggested, and 
> when I attempted to connect to the server from another machine, it said 
> it blocked a connection from port 980.
> And then I saw in other attempts that it said it blocked attempts on 
> port 979, 976, 964... Seemingly within a tight range of numbers. But I 
> don't know if I can be sure it will always stay in that range.
> So I checked on the net about this, and I saw this page:

For debian, put this into /etc/default/nfs-common, probably it's the same
on ubuntu:
STATDOPTS="--port 1000"

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