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[tlug] Firewall versus NFS

Dave M G writes:

 > But it has become apparent that when my firewall is on, the server won't 
 > allow me to connect.

It could be a syntax error, but the syntax you're using is very
standard, and I would be surprised if Firestarter didn't accept it.

IIRC NFS can use either TCP ("reliable stream") or UDP ("message in a
bottle") to connect.  Have you opened both TCP and UDP for portmap
(111) and nfs (2049)?

It's possible that the client is trying to connect to other ports for
some reason.  Or possibly you have some rules stopping outgoing
packets.  Set up a rule to log attempts to connect from *any* to *any*
originating at the client machine (, is that right?) and
find out what it's doing.

I wonder if there would be any money in a "I-wannabe-like-Godwin"
distro that provides "user-friendly" introspection utilities....

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