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Re: [tlug] OT:dual core CPUs

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:08:15 +0900, scott <> wrote:

> > I'm sure a disk with a capacity of 4 bytes has its uses :o)
> Doh! I thought something looked strange about that word- although I
> don't find where tetrabyte equals 4 bytes...

Right, so you're not aware that "tetra" is a prefix, greek in origin,
meaning 4?

> Still and all, One Thousand Gigabytes of storage on a single SATA is
> pretty amazing to me- my first laptop about 12 years ago proudly
> boasted 512 Megs of HD space and a whopping 32 (upgraded from the
> original 16) megs of RAM. Which, in comparison to my Commodore 64,
> was quite remarkable. Then there's the Apple2 C...

I still have fond memories of the first computer I used on a regular
basis (I had it on long-term loan): an 8088-based PC/XT with a 10MB hard
drive, a 360KB 5.25" floppy drive and all of 640KB of RAM. Those were
the days :)

This said, I suspect the drive in question "only" has a capacity of
10^12 bytes, IOW 0.909 TB or 931 GB.

G. Stewart -

Exposing M$ sExchange directly to the Internet is a lot like painting a
bulls-eye on your backside and bending over, naked, in a Greenwich
Village steam room (except M$ is not nearly as safe).
        -- Morely 'spam is theft' Dotes in NANAE, 08-JUL-2003.

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