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Re: [tlug] OT:dual core CPUs

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:11:38 +0900, Darren Cook <> wrote:

> 50,000 yen? How much budget do I need if I want 2-CPU dual-core?

Hi Darren,

Are you looking for AMD or Intel- I think the cost will be pretty different depending on which CPU you go for. I've been building AMD m/cs for years (they beat Intel to the punch w/64 bit, and the cost is right). However a couple of weeks ago I built a dual core Intel duo machine after reading an article on Tom's hardware, and it's just wicked fast. If you go to you can find some deals on RAM, Mobos, etc, to put together a fast machine for pretty cheap. If you get somewhat older hardware you can probably put together something for under 10 man, but that's assuming you already have a case, power supply, monitor etc. Also, 80 Gig hard drives are almost impossible to find these days. Its all 300+ gig SATA II drives now. Hitachi has unleashed a tetrabyte SATA drive can you believe that. Anyway good luck with it.

Scott VanDusen


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