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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux toWindows?

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 11:12:30PM +0900, Dave M G wrote:
> Godwin,
> Thanks for responding.
> >Not starting the network services you installed on your and gf's
> >machines?
> >  
> How come the instructions don't mention this?
> In any case, I went on the net to see how to start nfs, and found this command:
> $ sh /etc/init.d/nfs start
> But all it said back was:
> sh: Can't open /etc/init.d/nfs

Were the instructions for Ubunutu?  I don't have an Ubuntu or Deb
system, so I can't check. 

Or, have you looked in /etc/init.d to see if there is an nfs--or perhaps
nfs-kernel-server?  (Found after about 1 minute of googling--or
deja-ing, actually, the old name for, putting in
Ubuntu start nfs.)  Now, the post that told me that was on the second
page of hits, and as I don't have Ubuntu I can't check. 

However, do you know what's going on when you type /etc/init.d/whatever?

The thing with just following instructions, when you're still a beginner
is that we're not sure what to do when they don't work.  Then, we get
frustrated.  BTDTGTTS.  (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt). 

It's hard to tell a newcomer what to do, because what would work for me
might not make sense to you.  What would work for Josh might not work
for me, etc, and so on up the ladder.  All I can say is read read read.

It's often a matter of learning about one little piece, which takes you
to the next little piece. In this case, assuming Ubunutu does use init.d
rather than using something in rc.d for this, look in /etc/init.d and
see what looks as if it might relate to nfs.


Scott Robbins

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