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[tlug] New in town

Hi all,

I've recently moved to Yokohama, so I've transferred from
the West Yorkshire LUG via the London LUG to this one. And
no, I'm not English, but I lived there for a few (long,
cold, grey) years.

I tend to be a 1) Google 2) Cut&paste style linux user, so
I'll probably have more questions than answers, but I've
had my whole system on Gentoo for a few years now, so I can
possibly help out with any Gentoo-specific questions. I'm
also planning on going back to school in Yokohama and
concentrating on GIS for a while, so my use to the LUG
might increase quite rapidly, I hope.

I'm currently trying to create a MythTV PVR from some old
bits I've collected, and I'm also fiddling with Gentoo on a
NSLU2, so I might be asking for help pretty soon.

Dylan Bodington

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