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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On 2007/04/04, at 21:57, Josh Glover wrote:

On 04/04/07, Micheal Cooper <> wrote:

I second that opinion. Linux is great for lots of stuff, but video,
while certainly possible on Linux, is easier on the Mac with the
built-in apps.

If you mean editing video, I believe you. If you mean watching video,

Linux has wonderful support for video playback.

I was thinking about editing video, but even with playing back video, my Fedora Core 6 used to (don't use it anymore) frequently choke on certain video files and require the kill -9. Also wmv and asf are out of the question on nix, while Flip4Mac allows you to watch them with Quicktime, so that alone means it is easier to watch video on Mac if you want to be able to see any video format.

Excepting the closed formats, I agree that it is equally easy to watch video on Linux, but you are shut out (by MS design) from certain videos.

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