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Re: [tlug] how filesystem works?

Curt Sampson writes:

 > Just calling it "unlink," which is the name of the system call it uses,
 > might help.

I don't think that's all that intuitive because the Unix indirect
directory structure (directory links names to inodes, inodes collect
metadata and information about actual space) is completely unknown to
most users.  I *used* to think that people would go "Link?  Unlink?
WTF?" and go find out why such an odd name made sense.  But these days
even Linux users just don't want to know.

 > I've been using more or less the following system (with the appropriate
 > increases in size over time--obviously I wasn't going to fit a 64 MB
 > root partition on a 9 MB drive) since the early '90s.

Yeah, this is basically the scheme I use.  However, Linux practice is
a little different:

 >      root	64-128 MB
 >      tmp		128-1024 MB	mfs
 >      /usr	2-4 GB

If you have a devel system, 5GB in /usr is tight for many Linux

 >      /var	0.5-2 GB	nosuid

Most Linux distros put daemon data in /var, eg, web documents in
/var/www, database data in /var/lib/db-du-jour, and so on.

 >      /home	2-8 GB		nosuid,nodev

/home is nosuid.  naruhodo.

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