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Re: [tlug] OGG & MP3

Scott Robbins wrote:

Godwin's probably answered this already, but if not, I have a page with
some of the more common conversion tools

(It's more about using FreeBSD's builtin burncd, but towards the bottom,
there's a miscellaneous section which goes into converting--I'm pretty
sure it covers wav to ogg.)
Looks like it's high time I start doing things with command line! I'll try these things out on a test box in case I make any wild mistakes. Hopefully it'll work out well. I can't play my CD's on the train, and I'm using my MP3 player a lot lately, so....

Thank you to everyone for your helpful suggestions! I'm in the middle of going over a batch of 1,500 image files, so it might be a week or so before I can properly experiment with the options pointed out.


PS - Regarding the previous issue of learning Japanese - is anyone making use of audio books in Japanese? I found a section on the third floor of the Shinjuku Kinokuniya (by the South Exit of Shinjuku Station, but actually sitting in Shibuya-ku address-wise) with a few shelves of them (the first clerk I asked said they didn't have anything and suggested I go to a record store) - any comments about good ones to buy or good places to buy disks?

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