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Re: [tlug] OGG & MP3

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On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 06:49:21PM +0900, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
> Godwin Stewart wrote:
> Actually, what I need to do is go from .wav to .ogg.  I converted a
> number of my CD's to .wav some time ago with MusicMatch 6.0 (on a
> brand-W box - that's the other thing I need to find out about at some
> point - how to save my CD's with Linux in an uncompressed format).  So -
> I take it that it's easier to go from .wav to .ogg than from .mp3?

Godwin's probably answered this already, but if not, I have a page with
some of the more common conversion tools

(It's more about using FreeBSD's builtin burncd, but towards the bottom,
there's a miscellaneous section which goes into converting--I'm pretty
sure it covers wav to ogg.)

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