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Re: [tlug] OGG & MP3

Godwin Stewart wrote:

On Sat, 20 May 2006 10:07:47 +0200, Godwin Stewart
<> wrote:

but what I need to do is to *make* them.

"oggenc" is in the vorbistools package. The oggenc man page is one of
the better-written ones IMO.

I'll take a look.  Thanks!

While I think of it, if you want to go from MP3 to OGG you'll need an
intermediary step. I usually use WAV:

$ mpg123 -v -w tempfile.wav yourfile.mp3
$ oggenc -o yourfile.ogg tempfile.wav
$ rm tempfile.wav

I do not know how to extract any metadata (such as ID3 tags) from an
MP3 file, but it's easy enough to add them to a .ogg file either on the
oggenc command line, or using vorbiscomment(1).

Actually, what I need to do is go from .wav to .ogg.  I converted a
number of my CD's to .wav some time ago with MusicMatch 6.0 (on a
brand-W box - that's the other thing I need to find out about at some
point - how to save my CD's with Linux in an uncompressed format).  So -
I take it that it's easier to go from .wav to .ogg than from .mp3?

I'll have a closer look after sending this.

Thanks again,


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