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[tlug] Ogg Vorbis Encoders (how to find open source software) (was OGG & MP3)

Remember to keep Freshmeat in your chest of tools
for finding open source software projects. 

Lyle H Saxon wrote:

> My MP3 player will play .ogg files, but a Google search for something
> to create .ogg files brought up 2,280,000 responses. 

> Any tips?

Refine your search. 

   Googling for ogg & encoder yields many good hits
   Googling for ogg & encoder & linux narrows that a bit to 1.5M hits. 

When looking for open source software, use a search engine just for that, 
such as at 

   Searching Freshmeat just for ogg, yielded 263 projects. 
   Searching Freshmeat just for ogg and encoder, yielded just 15 projects. 

I don't think you're going to find as many ogg encoders 
as you'll find MP3 encoders. I think most of the ogg 
encoders you find will be based on the same underlying 
official code from the Xiph folks. 

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