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Re: [tlug] Anyone running a linux server on a mini-ITX MB or similar?

I bought a mini itx-board and din't have much joy with i so far.
Linux install is not very smooth, and the sites with howtos and
documentations are a little outdated and chaotic.

When I bought a case (think silverstone) I attached one 3.5" HD and
the mini-itx board, and after a few hours it was just dead.  The board
was fine on a normal PSU so I returned the case to the shop. They
checked it and said it was fine - took it home, same thing happened

The problem is not necessarily due to the mini-itx board as such but
could be due to dodgy psus used in small cases.

My conclusion however is that its not worth the trouble to use a
special architecture like this, and instead I would next time look at
something like core duo, or Pentium M based systems, or alternatively
a mac hardware - although the minis don't have much storage space for
big drives.  A mac mini draws roughly 20 Watt when idle and 40 Watt
when used.  Not sure how much an external firewire disk would draw in

In Akiba I also saw some AMD geode based systems.  They were very
small but a little expensive.

Patrick Niessen

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