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Re: [tlug] Anyone running a linux server on a mini-ITX MB or similar?

Hi Scott

On 5/10/06, Scott VanDusen <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Because the server will be in the kitchen, I'd like it to be both small and quiet- in fact if I can do it fanless that would be great. Has anyone set up a webserver on any of these micro architecture motherboards? If so do you have any recommendations or tips?

I have my fileserver running on a Epia Eden  and so far it hasn't failed me. It is running almost continuously since I came here last year. It is quiet, is not drawing much power and is quite a joy. Although, since it is one of the earlier models without additional mpg2 support. Therefore, watching DVD's or other movies on it does not work. On the newer models this should not be an issue, though.
You should consider getting one of those pico-PSU's since there are really small and fanless as well.
However, I have yet to find a place in Japan that sells Mini-ITX or Nano-ITX boards.

Cheers, Jan

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