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[tlug] Root account (was: Accessing microphone)

(Apologies if this hits the list twice. I think there was an error when sending earlier. In any case, I've edited slightly with new details)

Godwin, Stephen, Scott,

I'm not sure what the confusion here is. I can get into a root account. I've done it at least three different ways:
sudo su -
sudo -s
PATH=$PATH:/sbin:/usr/sbin sudo -s

I have been getting a root account since it was first mentioned here and I've shown the output.

If you look at my command prompt, it says root, and it has a '#' at the prompt, like a root account should:

My question would be, if the above *isn't* the root account you've been wanting me to access, then what is it?

But that hasn't changed the fact that, when in a root account or otherwise, it could not find the command you guys are recommending: generate-modprobe.conf > /etc/modprobe.conf
bash: generate-modprobe.conf: command not found

However, using locate, I found the following:$ locate generate-modprobe

Actually, that came up in the output I showed before, but I thought nothing of it at the time. Then I hunted around on the web, and this seems to be a gzipped version of the script you guys are saying I should use.

So I unzipped it, moved it to /usr/sbin, and made it executable with sudo chmod +x.

Then I went back into the thread and tried the command that Godwin said I should use in the first place, before this whole confusion about root users started:$ sudo generate-modprobe.conf > /etc/modprobe.conf

This ran without any kind of error or any other output. Nothing seemed to change, so I rebooted.

Still nothing.

However, in my other posting, after the kernel upgraded, I got sound back. So I guess that's where the focus should go.

Dave M G

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