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Re: [tlug] Accessing microphone

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Robbins <> writes:

    Scott> It's a security measure,

Social security for consultants, you mean?  :-)

    Scott> and one can do most things with it, but then there are
    Scott> things, as Dave is finding out, that don't work unless
    Scott> you're actually root.

No, there are things for which magic incantations don't work, but
understanding what you're doing does.  Not understanding is no sin,
but that isn't going to stop you from spending time in hell for it.

That said, there's nothing magic about "being root" as opposed to
running suid root.  In fact, for the first five years I used Linux, I
still had the same /etc/skeleton that I started with in SLS Linux,
which had /usr/sbin:/sbin in PATH for ordinary users.  So just an
ordinary sudo would have worked.

Not having the sbin directories in the ordinary user PATH is often a
pain.  For example, for historical reasons I tend to use "route"
rather than "netstat", but on Debian the former is in /sbin, not /bin.
(And on the Mac, all the network utilities are in /sbin or /usr/sbin.
Of course, my .zshrc now puts both in PATH....)

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