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Re: [tlug] Encoding::Guess and perl 5.6

Thanks Josh,
I took a bit of a stab at that and ended up with a build failure looking for utf8::encode. However I think its worth pursuing further since it will sureley be better than re-implementing the functionality from scratch.


On 5/5/06, Josh Glover <> wrote:
On 06/05/06, Ian MacLean <> wrote:

> The Encoding::Guess module works a treat but unfortunately for this project we
> are restricted to perl 5.6 for various reasons and it requires 5.7.2 or
> greater.

An alternate approach would be to just try Encoding::Guess with 5.6
and see why it does not work. Maybe you can back-port it, using a
trick like:

eval "require 5.7.2";
if ($@) {
    # do 5.6-specific stuff here

I would imagine the authors of E::G would be pleased to roll such a
change into their module, provided it is implemented cleanly.

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