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Re: [tlug] MySQL 4.1.15, or MySQL 5.0?

Godwin Stewart wrote:
On Sun, 7 May 2006 14:06:23 +0900, "Josh Glover" <> wrote:

The problem with the discussion is that neither you or Godwin posted
any references to back up your points.

How does a link to the PHP manual showing the chapter for PHP4 classes and
objects not back up my claim that OOP has been around in PHP since before

Granted, there was a major (needed) overhaul in PHP5, but it can't be
claimed that PHP5 *introduced* OOP to PHP.

I am sorry that I did not know it was introduced in 4. I did not mean to spark a fast discussion. It's interesting to know that there was OOP in 4, but it wasn't liked by programmers and that 5 presented a complete OOP implementation which caused a lot of code to break.

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