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Re: [tlug] temporarily blocked by smtp - probably Thunderbird issue

Josh Glover wrote:
IMAP[S] and SMTP are separate services, running on separate ports. It
seems that your problem was restricted only to SMTP. Did you try to
check your mail from Thunderbird during the time that you could not
send mail? This would be the way to test the IMAPS functionality.

During the time that you were unable to send mail from Thunderbird,
did you try to telnet from your box to port 25 on the mailserver and
send mail manually? What was the result?
Telnetting from my box was blocked, but telnetting from a remote box (through ssh) was okay, so my IP was being blocked, but only temporarily, and it was triggered by trying to send mail without first being connected.
Unfortunately, with the information you provided to the list, none of
us can help you, other than to suggest steps to take next time it
happens so that you can better diagnose the cause of the problem.

I rather doubt that it had anything to do with Thunderbird. It is more
likely that the mailserver was blocking access to port 25 from your
IP, probably as part of an anti-spam measure. Did you check any of the
public blacklists for your IP or a block containing your IP?
Yes, but it was working until I tried to send mail without first starting up Thunderbird, and then it started working again a few days later.

Jim Tittsler wrote:
One possibility is the server is configured to require you to check mail via POP or IMAP before sending. If the server allows the option of authenticating to the SMTP server, you should take advantage of it. Enable it in the Security and Authentication section of Thunderbird's Outgoing Server configuration.
Already is enabled.
(And since you can SSH to the server and it appears to be set to allow relaying from that host, an alternative would be to run your outgoing mail through an SSH tunnel.)
After looking into it a bit further, there seems to be more to it than I thought. It looks like there are relaying restrictions for addresses not on that server when sending from outside the network. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will examine this more closely and be sure to gather troubleshooting information more diligently next time.

Thank you.

fn:Micheal Cooper
org:Miyazaki International College;Computing Services
adr:;;1405 Kano;Kiyotake;Miyazaki;8891602;Japan

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