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Re: [tlug] MySQL 4.1.15, or MySQL 5.0?

Josh, Godwin, Walter,

Although I'm actually interested in the PHP 4 versus PHP 5 discussion, I hope you guys won't mind me going back a bit to the topic in the subject line.

If I understand correctly, the only thing that would make me not want to switch from MySQL 4.1.15 to 5.0 is if I have data in my databases that are incompatible with functions in the new versions.

Which leads to the question of what are the big differences between 4.1.15 and 5.0. Looking at the MySQL web site's description:
... it's all just bigger, and better. And a whole bunch of stuff I don't understand. "XA Transactions"? Huh?

Anyhow, I'm thinking of installing MySQL 5.0 since my databases are small and uncomplicated. I doubt I use any features that are so cutting edge that they would blow up.

Unless someone steps in right now and says something like "Dude, you don't want to go to version 5 if you have ___ data in your database!"


Dave M G

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